Luray Singing Tower


The Luray Singing Tower, officially known as the Belle Brown Northcott Memorial contains a carillon of 47 bells, is a gift by the late Col. T.C. Northcott and his daughter, Mrs. Katherine Northcott Graves, in memory of Col. Northcott's wife, Belle Brown Northcott. It was dedicated in 1937, and is owned and maintained by the Luray Park Association.

 The Carillon is an Old World instrument, originating in Belgium in the early 1620s. A carillon is defined as a musical instrument consisting of at least 23 cast bronze bells arranged in chromatic series and played from a keyboard. The carillon keyboard is similar to, but much larger than a piano or organ keyboard. The bells are played as the carillonneur (bellringer) pushes down on the key with the side of a loosely closed hand. The keys are directly connected to the clappers which are located on the inside of each bell. This direct connection gives the Carillonneur a vast range of dynamic expression (softness to loudness). The bells are stationary—only the clappers have motion.