Luray Singing Tower

The Luray Singing Tower holds a busy recital season that is played primarily by the staff carillonneur, but also features guest musicians as well as community services at the base of the tower.

All recitals are free and feature Patriotic, Folk, Hymn Melodies, Classical Music, Original Compositions for the Carillon, and popular melodies.  

2021 Recital Schedule 

All Recitals begin at 7pm

May 29th                   John Widmann

June 5th - 6th           John Widmann
*June 9th (Wednesday) and June 10th (Thursday)        Elizabeth Graves Vitu
June 12th          John Widmann   
June 19th - 20th           John Widmann
June 26th - 27th         John Widmann

July 3rd                John Widmann
July 10th - 11th      Lisa Lonie
July 17th              Joey Brink
July 18th              John Widmann
July23rd (Friday) - 24th (Saturday)       Roy Koezen
No recital on the July 25th
July 31      John Widmann

August 1st  John Widmann
August 6th (Friday)    Jim Fackenthal
No recital august 7th
August 8th                  John Widmann
August 13 (Friday)    Linda Dzuris
August 14th - 15th       John Widmann
August 21st - 22nd       Hunter Chase

(all recitals subject to change)